Blue Base Arowana


Arowanas are profoundly adjusted to new water so we ensure every one of our fishes are set in a freshwater tank for impeccable conveyance. The cost set above included delivery. To arrange our fish simply click on the BUY now or add to CART button and you will be diverted to the request structure where you will have the option to present your subtleties and submit your request.

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Blue Base Arowana

(also known as Blue Arowana) are one of the coolest aro’s you can find in the tropical fish hobby! These guys are quite rare and hard to find nowadays! They are the closest thing you can get to an “exotic Arowana” as Asian Arowanas are illegal here in the US. These guys only come in so often per year so be sure to reserve yours today!!

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10-12inches, 12-14inches, 14-16inches, 4-6inches, 6-8inches, 8-10inches


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