African Arowana


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Osteoglossomorphs include five extant families and more than 200 species. Although the group is of little importance to humans, certain osteoglossomorph species are sometimes sought commercially as food fishes in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. arowana, arowana fish, arowana fish for sale, arowana for sale, arowana fish, black arowana, arowana fish for sale, african arowana, arowana price, arowana types.

Osteoglossiforms are tropical fishes. The families Mormyridae (elephant-snout fishes, mormyrs) and Gymnarchidae are confined to Africa; the Notopteridae (featherbacks) occur in Africa, Southeast Asia, and India. The distribution of the Osteoglossidae (such as the pirarucu [Arapaima], the arowana [Scleropages], and the butterfly fish [Pantodon]) in Africa, South America, and Australasia (believed by many authorities to have once been joined as a single landmass called Gondwana) is of particular zoogeographical interest.

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African Arowana

The African Arowana, Nile Arowana (Heterotis niloticus), is a species of bonytongue. Despite being called an “Arowana”, the African Arowana is more closely related to arapaimas, the only other members in the Arapaimidae family, than the South American, Asian and Australian arowanas in the Osteoglossidae family (Arapaimidae is sometimes included in Osteoglossidae).

Compared to these, the African Arowana has a more terminal mouth and is the only one that feeds extensively on plankton. arowana, arowana fish, arowana fish for sale, arowana for sale, arowana fish, black arowana, arowana fish for sale, african arowana, arowana price, arowana types.

Osteoglossomorph, (superorder Osteoglossomorpha), any member of what is widely believed to be the most primitive group of bony fishes.

This reputation stems from their rudimentary caudal skeleton and the lack of a set of intermuscular bones throughout the abdominal and anterior caudal regions of the body.

Osteoglossomorphs are unique among fishes in that they use their tongue as the opposing surface for the teeth when they bite into food. They are divided into two orders, Osteoglossiformes and Hiodontiformes.

Osteoglossiforms are a group of morphologically and biologically diverse forms primarily found in freshwater environments in Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, and islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean; however, a few osteoglossiform species enter slightly brackish water. In contrast, hiodontiforms occur only in North America and are probably the most primitive group of living osteoglossomorphs.

Life cycle and reproduction

A variety of breeding habits have evolved among the osteoglossomorphs. In some species there is considerable care of the young by the parents. Although no species is known to undertake extensive breeding migrations, many leave the usual habitat and move into floodplains or streams at breeding time.

The breeding biology of the mormyrids has been little studied; it does not seem likely, however, that they prepare spawning nests or exercise much parental care. In contrast, Gymnarchus niloticus (Gymnarchidae) prepares a large floating nest from the matted stems of swamp grasses, biting off the stems and fashioning them into a trough-shaped structure with an internal length of about 50 cm (20 inches). Spawning takes place in the nest, and one or both parents guard the developing young for approximately 18 days.

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